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Interview with Hala, Founder of luxury candy boutique, Candy Fix

Hala, Founder of luxury candy boutique, Candy Fix
Tell us about yourself?

I am Hala and I am a proud mom of three beautiful kids. I moved to Canada from Dubai where I worked in advertising. I have more than one sweet tooth!

What inspired you to open Candy Fix?
Driven by my passion for creativity and fondness for candy, I decided to create a playful candy boutique.
What is the mission behind Candy Fix?
My mission is to make people’s lives sweeter one candy cube at a time. We are a fun candy boutique that is designed to create the perfect personalized gift for adults at the click of a button.
What would be the perfect occasion to gift a Candy Fix Box?
It’s really fun and ideal for any event, from bachelorette parties to weddings to baby showers or a simple birthday gift. Candy Fix’s cubes are easy to customize which makes it a sweet and memorable gift.
What are your top three favorite candies from the selection? 
Oh, it’s like choosing a favorite baby! But I would say that the top sellers are prosecco gummy bears, gourmet chocolate pearls, and champagne bubbles.
What’s your suggestion on customizing the perfect Candy Fix Box?
Customizing a gift box can be easily done through our website tool, just select a design and write a short personal note. Adding the name makes it extra sweet and memorable. For party favors, I specially-design the labels on the candy cubes so they match the theme of the occasion.
add a personal touch and Customize your labels
What is unique about your company?
We are the first interactive online candy boutique in Canada where you can seamlessly customize your candy gift. We are a family owned business and every order is prepared with love and appreciation.
What are words you live by?
If you can dream it you can do it – Walt Disney
What is the best feedback you’ve received from a customer?
I love it when customers send feedback like ‘I am obsessed with this candy’ and ‘the packaging is adorable’ and it’s ‘such a sweet way to end the event.. leaving with a luxury candy cube”
prosecco gummy bears


Can you tell us about a recent order you had fun creating?
I am always grateful to be included in people’s special occasions through Candy Fix. One particular order was for an intimate wedding and they ordered Candy Fix cubes that acted as party favors and place cards which I found adorable and creative.
What can readers expect from Candy Fix in the coming months?
We will soon be launching fun Candy Fix subscription boxes 🙂


Purchase your candy box at or follow them on Instagram @candyfixboutique to see how you can get creative with your candy fix box!