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Futuristic classics by East Vancouver brand Wasted Effort

Futuristic classics by East Vancouver brand Wasted Effort

Statement-making jewellery will do all the talking this Spring. You’ll feel like you took a trip back to the ’80s thanks to oversized earrings and layered necklaces. Accessorizing just became exciting and fun again. When your feeling like you just need something to help your outfit pop, skip the more delicate pieces in favour of a bolder option like the ones shown below by Wasted Effort.

We came across Wasted Effort on Instagram and immediately fell in love with the imaginative pieces. This creative line of jewellery is hand-made by a mathematician right here in Vancouver, BC. Which should leave no surprise to the fact that each piece is innovative, unique and forward thinking.

“A bold, straightforward jewellery with clean lines, minimalist shapes and effortlessly wearable pieces. The designer uses traditional metalsmithing techniques in sterling silver and brass that are coupled with non-traditional materials, such as Plexiglas, acrylic and, acetate, to create unique pieces designed to fit seamlessly into the wearer’s everyday rotation.”  –