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Aritzia a shining light in the otherwise dismal array of Vancouver’s contributions to the global fashion scene. Sure, VanCity gave birth to the global athleisure juggernaut Lululemon, but isn’t that just for the yoga mat, lest one look basic?

Aritzia has been in every rainy-city girl’s closet since it was a little store in Kerrisdale in the early 80’s. For over 30 years, Aritzia has grown from a west-coast favorite to an across North America brand with a 13,000 square foot flagship in Manhattan. Aritzia has not only expanded their square footage throughout the continent, they have also been growing their offering of in house brands, specifically Babaton. Formally known as Talula Babaton (to us older Millennials) the label has been gently guiding its customers to embrace minimalism, but not at the cost of quality, since 1997.

Next Thursday, the 21st of September, Babaton will be stepping out on its own for the third time and opening a 3,000 square foot flagship in Pacific Centre. However, the new Babaton shop will be anything but four walls with racks of clothes. The store boasts a leaning marble wall, a lush interior garden, sculptures, works of original art, custom glass, metal and stone fixtures, all atop beautifully polished cement floors. It will be a sight to behold and come late next week, you can be among the first to do so. Babaton Pacific Centre can be found at 701 West Georgia Street and opens at 10AM.