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10 Fun Designer Bags You’ll Need This Summer

Curating the perfect summer wardrobe is always overwhelming. You need pieces that are

versatile, but also on trend. You want to stand out and express yourself, but how do you choose

which pieces to prioritize? The answer is simple- utilize accessories, particularly designer

handbags. There are endless options on the market these days, but luckily, we’ve narrowed

things down for you. Right now we are having a huge 2000’s throwback moment, so step on into this fun trend with these

colourful bags. Here are our top 12 picks of designer handbags for summer 2021:


Pink Croc XS Hourglass Bag


balenciaga pink croc xs hourglass bag


Green Rachel Bag


by far green rachel bag



jacquemus beige canvas le chiquito clutch


balenciaga blue croc mini hourglaskks bag


by far pink croc mini rachel bag


bottega veneta green the chain pouch clutch


jacquemus white le chiquito clutch



balenciaga pink croc nano neo classic city bag


balenciaga white croc mini hourglass bag


bottega veneta white double knot bag


Designer pieces aren’t cheap, but handbags are always worth it. They elevate and add a sense of style to any look, plus they’ll last for decades. Grab one of these picks- you’ll be reaching for it all summer long.