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Trending Interior Design Staples for 2021

We have found the best interior design staples for 2021 and are here to share the information with you. If you have been thinking of spicing up your space for 2021, this blog is for you. We’’ be talking about staple pieces that are trending but will also fit right in your home. 


Textured Furniture

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A simple yet trendy way to make your space more modern and unique. Clean, minimalistic pieces are still trending, but it’s time to invest in some textured furniture that will stand out and bring a bit of personality to your space. 


Textured Art

Reduction in Design – Minimalist Reliefs by Danish Artist Kristina Krogh OEN


Since we are already talking about texture, let’s not forget to mention textured. It’s clean, simple but adds a little something extra to your walls. Plus, you can totally do it yourself at home and hang up your masterpiece.


Cloud Furniture

Ever since the pandemic, people have really started to invest in comfortable pieces and that is where the obsession with cloud furniture started. It looks so warm and inviting, persuading you to take a nap several times a day.


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Tones of Wood

Soft pastels are fading away and luscious wood tones are sweeping back in. When you pair deep and moody wood with a clean white space, you get something that looks very luxurious and inviting.

Restoration HardwareRH Seattle 2

Restoration HardwareRH Seattle


Something Unique

If you really want to bring some character into your space, grab something that is truly unique and will invite questions whenever someone visits. When shopping for something like this, make sure to really take your time and wait to invest in the right piece.

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Beaded Pieces

Chunky, beaded necklaces seem to be spotted on everyone’s coffee table or dresser. This interior design is different and edgy but still has a touch of boho.


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A Bit of Green

Pops of green are big part of interior design for 2021/2022, so make sure to add some piece in that color to your space. If you want to go all out, feel free to paint a whole wall in your favorite shade of green.

Inside Supermodel Kendall Jenners Tranquil Los Angeles Home

Are you ready to make your home more aesthetically pleasing with these trending interior design staples?

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