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The Leisure Center is a boundary-pushing physical platform in Yaletown Vancouver, offering a modern-day definition of leisure time, specifically focusing on the following areas: fashion, art, music, books, homeware, cosmetics, food and drink in a stylish space. Inspired by Vancouver’s forward-thinking, innovative reputation – and the hardworking yet balance seeking individuals who live here –Leisure Center combines luxury and leisure in a beautifully designed environment that strives to elevate the city’s cultural identity. Bringing together the best brands, artists, architects and luxury concepts, Leisure Center offers an experience: specifically, the idea of what we should strive for in our leisure time if we redefine leisure time in our everyday life. Put simply, “life doesn’t begin and end with the objects we purchase.”
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Visitors might be familiar with globally recognized clothing brands
Comme des Garcons, Balenciaga and Vetements, though more avant-garde labels are also featured (think MA+, Guidi and Devoa). Sustainable products from John Alexander Skelton, Petrucha Studio and STORY mfg. are beautifully displayed, and guests can spend hours browsing natural beauty and cosmetics by Haeckels, L:a Bruket and others. Homeware by Tom Dixon injects the space with an aspirational vibe, as does the stunning library section overseen by Donlon Books, an independent bookshop in London. Throughout the center, music of curated local artists provides an ever-evolving soundtrack, produced exclusively by Johnny Nash.
Housed in a 1930’s heritage building, Leisure Center transforms 22,000 square feet into a treasure trove of renowned brands, artists, architects and luxury concepts. The ground level walls are aluminium panelled; décor is just as artistic as it is functional; and the lower level consist black glass with dedicated
gathering areas, including a seminar room, a “Kids Office”, a Presentation Capsule, and a Visual Studio. German artist, Andrea Van Reimershahi continues the artistic ambiance with her hand-painted curtains that align both upper and lower level floors.
Address: 950 Homer St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2W7
Phone: (604) 558-1950

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