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Let’s face it. Times have changed and we now look to influencers for fashion inspiration the same way we flip through Vogue magazine. In our Insta-Highlights series, we will feature some of the most stylish influencers and their best outfits in the current season.

Our first feature is on the very chic Brazilian beauty, Camila Coelho. As one of the biggest names in the beauty and fashion world, YouTuber and influencer Camila Coelho knows a thing or two about throwing an outfit together. Camila’s style can be summed up as sophisticated elegance.  With a wide selection of pieces from Zara to Oscar De La Renta, Camila knows how to mix and match an outfit to look absolutely flawless.

Not only is Camila an expert when it comes to fashion and beauty, she’s well-travelled and is someone who’s constantly on the go. Just take a look at her Instagram to get an idea — in the last few months alone she’s travelled between her hometown of Boston and her native Brazil, Los Angeles, Paris and New York. With that said, our stylists have compiled a series of their favourite outfits from her feed and where you can get them!

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Camila shared a few secrets in a recent interview with pop sugar on how to stay camera ready when traveling.

“Packing for multiple climates in one suitcase. I bring items that I know I can mix and match to create several different looks,”

She explains It’s important to try on everything before packing including both fashion and makeup looks, to save time (and luggage space) for once you land. But what’s perhaps even more important than being well-packed for your final destination is being proactive on the flight itself.

“Since I travel so much, I have a very specific skin care routine I do while I’m on a plane. I always carry a small makeup bag with me with my three must-have touch-up products: a serum to keep my skin hydrated and glowing, a face mist to freshen up my skin before I reapply makeup, and, of course, a good concealer to hide dark circles.”

Catch all of Camila’s latest outfits and adventures by following her on instagram, visiting her youtube channel and website. Make sure to tag us under your favorite outfit @vancityvogue.