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Bombay Beauty Co. presents glowing skin for $45

“Outer beauty, inner beauty and lasting beauty”

Buzzy words like “natural” “locally produced” and “essential oils” get tossed about a lot in the marketplace these days, especially as consumers are starting to really read labels and contemplate the consequences of their purchases for both the planet and their bodies.

Often times, it is either complete marketing bullshit or the product is crap, or sometimes, when the stars of mediocrity align, it’s both.

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However, with Bombay Beauty Co. and their new line of ayurvedic inspired products that coincide with the recent offering of Rose Facials, the above worlds collide, creating something truly beautiful. Ravy Minhas-Mehroke, the founder of Bombay Brow Bar and the evolution there of that is the Bombay Beauty Co. is easily one of the most genuine people you will meet. Absent is the slick Beauty Industry figure that wants to sell you a contouring kit after picking up on your sensitivities about your nose or a wax after noticing a few stray hairs on your chin.

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Minhas-Mehroke is relaxed and warm and all about three pillars of beauty; outer beauty, inner beauty and lasting beauty. After a loved one faced cancer five years ago, she is deeply concerned that we are heading towards a run in with the disease ourselves in regards to all of the ingredients that are found in the products of our everyday lives. She took her concern over health and her love of beauty and *poof* the Bombay Rose Collection was born. Globally sourced but locally created and manufactured, because of its simple and natural ingredients list it takes away the need to bring a glossary to the beauty counter. Don’t be fooled, the ingredients list may be short, but they are powerful.

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I wrestle with rosacea and eczema. I have used a barrage of potions and lotions on my face; of varying costs and qualities. After a 35 minute Rose Facial, at the new Fairmont Waterfront location, my face was noticeably less pink, and my skin was so damn soft. The facial is the perfect balance of potent product application and total relaxation. Between the clay masks and the oils and the toners, a deep and at times intense massage was given to my face, head, and hands. I keep my rage against the patriarchy clenched in my jaw, so to have someone rub it out, even if for a few hours, was a delight. And at only $45 a session, they are an affordable indulgence.

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After the Facial, there is a retail section where you can pick up what was used on your face, and like the service, the products are well priced and generous in their size. With the holidays around the corner, treat yourself to a Facial keep your sanity and your glow.