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You're welcome in advance. I have tried it all so let me spare you all the guess work.

You’re welcome in advance. I have tried it all so let me spare you all the guess work. When choosing weather to go for the lift or extensions the decision is complete personal preference. It is different for everyone.

I Personally like a more natural look and my lashes tend to fall straight so I decided to go for the lift and lash tint. The process was smooth and took about 45 minutes. I do get a little impatient in these appointments because I have hard time sitting still but overall it was totally fine.

After getting my lift done I was super happy, my lashes looked great. It was a subtle enhancement which is the perfect kind. The kind where people think “something is different about her. I don’t know what. but she looks good.” Every morning I would toss my eyelash curler aside and add a little more mascara for that extra pop and be on my way. I loved it! it was perfect and I would recommend a lift to anyone and everyone especially if you already have long lashes.


After about a month or so my tint started to fade but my lashes still looked pretty good. I wanted just a little bit extra but didn’t want to go over board. You know how that starts. My gut told me to get a few extra natural lash extensions to enhance what I already had. Although when I got to the lash place they tried to up sell me on getting a hybrid set and I took the bait.

While waiting for my lashes to get done, I tried to convince myself in my head that this was the right move. That’s when I already knew something was going to be wrong. Anytime I try to convince myself of anything it’s because I know deep down that i’m making a poor choice and i’m trying to make myself feel better.

After a good hour and a half I opened my eyes to stinging and then saw this animal on my eyes. I had the thickest lashes I had ever seen. I looked like I was getting ready to hit the club every night for the rest of the month. It was waaaay too much. The tech tried to convince me they looked good, another girl convinced me they would look different with makeup. It was a nightmare.


Exaggerated gif but that’s how I felt

I came home checked their reviews and saw so many complaints. Of course. Not only that but my eyes were completely red and stinging the rest of the night. It was super embarrassing to say the least. Here I am with these very obvious massive try-hard lashes and watery red eyes. Not cute.

I called another tech and they were happy to remove my animal lashes and start again. They added the perfect amount of natural lashes to enhance my lift. This made the perfect combination. It was just enough.

The moral of this story is don’t mess too much with a good thing, check reviews and trust your gut. More importantly including a few natural lashes to your lift is a great way to get a perfect balance. If you already have thick long lashes then the lift is amazing on it’s own.

Beauty is best when it’s graceful. Don’t go overboard. Remember that playing dress up is fun. Looking good is a form of self care and self love but bigger isn’t always better. Self love shows when you actually love yourself. Enhancing the beauty you already have is the key. We are all made unique so embrace your uniqueness and enhance it without taking too much away.

Some Takeaways:

Lashes v. Extensions

-Extensions last 3-4 weeks, while a lift can last 6-8 weeks.

-A lift does just that: lifts your natural lashes. Extensions require using strong glue to attach fake lashes.

-If you like that fuller lash look, extensions are for you. If you prefer going more natural, a lash lift is the way to go. If you want something in between a lift with a few natural lash extensions is perfect.

-You need to refill your extensions at about three weeks before they start falling off. Lash lifts don’t require a refill, and people often get a lift between extensions to give their lashes a break and grow back in.

-The process of getting extensions can take up to two hours. A lash lift takes about 45 minutes.

Notes pulled from Harpers Bazaar Arabia